WE Hotel Forest and Baekdam Lake Photo Contest

We are hosting photo contests for “Dorae Forest”, “Haeam Forest” and “Baekdam Lake” in the beautiful forest of WE Hotel located in the clean Hallasan Mountain.


  1. Application period: July 1st ~ August 31st, 2020


  1. Contents: WE Hotel Forest and Baekdam Lake photo image (within 5 image per person)


  1. How to submit:
  • 4,000 x 3,000 pixels or more, 250dpi or higher resolution
  • Submit online only by email (we_pr@wehotel.co.kr)


  1. Awards:
  • Grand Prize (1 person): WE Hotel Suite room 1-night voucher (includes breakfast for 2)
  • Gold Prize (1 person): WE Hotel Superior Room 1-night voucher (including breakfast for 2)
  • Silver Prize (1 person): WE Hotel Dachae Restaurant’s Dinner Coupon for 2
  • Bronze Prize (1 person): WE hospital immunity injection for 1
  • Good prize (10 persons): THE WE Beach Tube

*The prize details can be changed due to the circumstances of the organizer


  1. Announcement of winners: Tuesday, September 8, 2020, announced on the homepage and SNS


  1. Other
  • The copyright of the winning work belongs to the exhibitor, but the organizer has the right to use it. In addition, the right to use the work belongs to the organizer, and the intellectual property rights and all rights (including the right to create the second work) belong to the WE Hotel and can be used for future publicity and marketing purposes.
  • In case of copyright, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, etc. of the submitted photo image, all civil and criminal legal responsibilities are the responsibility of a submitter.
  • If you win the prize by submitting the same artwork, similar or pirated photos, the award will be canceled, and if this causes damage to us, we can claim damages from you.
  • After the announcement, only the winners of the winning works (Grand, Gold, Silver, Bronze) must submit the original file, including the resident number and their address by email (we_pr@wehotel.co.kr) within 7 days. If the original work is not submitted, the award may be cancelled.


  1. Inquiry: we_pr@wehotel.co.kr

Summer Rooftop BBQ Promotion

Enjoy a barbecue platter including green salad, barbecue pork ribs, beef lobster, crayfish, abalone on the rooftop with fantastic views.


BBQ Platter Menu

  • Green salad
  • Jeju barbecue pork ribs
  • Beef lobster
  • LA ribes
  • King prawn 2ea
  • abalone 1ea
  • Sausage 2ea
  • Roasted corn
  • Other: Ketchup, honey mustard, pickle


 KRW 60,000


2020. 6. 1 ~ 2020. 8. 31

Rooftop Della (6F)


* Price is inclusive of 10% tax.

* The barbecue platter menu will be available from Lobby Lounge Azalea until June 14th.

Unlimited Terra Draft Beer Promotion

Enjoy unlimited ‘TERRA’ of clean beer at “Della” in the clean forest of Halla Mountain.


KRW 15,000 / per person

  1. 7. 1 ~ 8. 31

Della (6F)



Enjoy a summer picnic set with fresh Chiabata sandwiches and cool drinks in a phytoncide-filled Wehotel forest garden and pond.


2 Ciabatta Sandwiches, 1 Salad, 2 tangerine, Manggae Tea 1 BTL

KRW 35,000


2020. 6. 1 ~ 2020. 8. 31

Dachae Restaurant (2F)


* Price is inclusive of 10% tax.


Please meet and enjoy our completely In-room dining menu of the hotel in the comfort of your room.

In-room Wine Set

Premium wine 1 bottle & Cheese platter

KRW 50,000


White fish Sashimi In-room Set

Deep fried vegetables, salt made with green tea

White fish sashimi & Jeju soju (80ml) 3 bottle

KRW 39,000


THE WE CHI-MAEK (Chicken & Beer) Set

Buffalo wings with French fried & Draft beer (2 glasses)

KRW 37,000


* The above price is included 10% tax.

* Please dial number “2” for the order

*Available from 12:00 PM to 9:30 PM.


Makes your dry skin moist and elastic.


KRW 150,000 (Time required: about 1 hour)

Until May 31, 2020

Beauty Center (2F)


* Price is inclusive of 10% VAT.