#WE, Forest Event

📌 Period : 2023. 06. 12 ~ 2023. 07. 15


How to

Event #1

  1.  Post images of hydrangeas or Lake Baekdam in the hotel on your SNS with the hashtags #wehotel #hydrangea #lakebaekdam (*SNS: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.)
  2. Show the post at the front desk and receive a coffee coupon (once per person)
  3. Give a coffee coupon to Azalea and enjoy coffee


Event #2

  1. Follow WE Hotel Instagram
  2. Show the follower certification to the front desk and receive the lucky draw ticket
  3. Fill out the lucky draw ticket and put it in the lucky draw box.
  4. Winners are announced on the WE Hotel Instagram after the draw in the third week of July.


  • 1st prize: Parlor suite voucher (including breakfast for 2 persons)
  • 2nd prize: Dachae restaurant breakfast voucher for 2 persons
  • 3rd prize: Medical Spa Center carbon therapy ticket for 1 person

Healing Forest

Take a walk in the forest full of phytoncide, and enjoy morning healing such as forest stories and forest meditation.

Beautiful Hallasan Forest Story ‘Forest Comment’, Color Therapy ‘Forest Play’ using nature, Forest Meditation and Stretching ‘Forest Healing’, and 3 concepts of healing programs are provided for free to all guests every day.

The following 3 programs are carried out by circulating every day.


① Forest commentary

You can hear stories about the forests and plants of Mt. Halla and the We Hotel and interesting Jeju culture related to the forests.


② Forest play

You can enjoy programs such as making faces using various parishes and nature (wooden branches, leaves, stones, etc.), color therapy, and bingo games in the forest.


③ Forest healing

In the phytoncide-filled cypress forest, you can see healing programs such as forest breathing and forest meditation, and yoga and stretching with nature.


9 am. every day, leaving the lobby entrance on the first floor

(It takes about 1 hour).

Wellness Center


Baekdam Lake 'In Nature' Project

WE Hotel Jeju presents the “In Nature” project with BaekDam Lake in the Forest.


– Let’s play with my child in nature.

Baek and Dam feed you

There are very pretty silk carp living in Baekdam Lake.

There’s a name. Baek and Dam!

Feed the children and the beautiful carp.

The streams connecting the pond and the seasonal variations.

Take a stroll while observing the flower trees.


*Where to Buy: Azalea (2nd Floor)

*Food price: 2,000 won / per unit (Guests can pay later.)

*Just give me the food I bought so that the white and the wall can grow strong!


Please meet and enjoy our completely In-room dining menu of the hotel in the comfort of your room.


In-room Wine Set

Premium wine 1 bottle & Cheese platter

KRW 50,000


THE WE CHI-MAEK (Chicken & Beer) Set

Buffalo wings with French fried & Draft beer (2 glasses)

KRW 37,000


* The above price is included 10% tax.

* Please dial number “2” for the order

* It is possible to order from 12 pm to 11:20 pm.