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The WE Hotel of Meeting Your Highest Expectations

Premium health resort WE Hotel Jeju presents the first one-stop healthcare service in Korea by combining the 5-star ‘WE Hotel’ and Halla Medical Foundation’s ‘WE Hospital’. And through the <WE, Healing with you> program, we provide a very special journey for your comfort and complete wellness stay.

WE Hotel is a perfect resting place recognized by UNESCO, where you can enjoy natural healing just by staying while fully enjoying the energy of the clean forest of 210,000 square meters and the clean natural volcanic bedrock water that comes up from the basement of Mt. Halla.

And, will be experiencing a variety of wellness programs that use the nature of forests and water to ‘replenish’ vitality and ‘empty’ stress.

In the clean forest at an altitude of 350 meters, there is a cypress forest rich in phytoncide, and there are various flowers and trees such as camellia, azalea, and hydrangea. And while walking on the ergonomically designed promenade, the warm sunlight and gentle breeze revitalize my body and mind.

Natural volcanic bedrock water full of minerals such as vanadium, selenium and bicarbonate is used in a shower in the room, swimming pools, medical spas and restaurants to awaken healthy energy in our bodies and clear our minds.

Through the Medical Spa Center, Health Promotion Center, and Beauty Center, which offer various health care services including anti-aging therapy, you can not only stabilize your mind and improve immunity, but also meet a healthy and beautiful self.

Experience stress relaxation and safe rest at WE Hotel Jeju, a premium health resort differentiated from existing hotels and resorts, and feel the specials of Halla Mountain’s clean water and clean energy during your Jeju Island journey.

WE HOTEL uses natural volcanic bedrock water with a variety of minerals for drinking water, in-room showers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water-pool facilities, where you can experience HYDROTHERAPY, and various spa facilities. We also offer various healthcare services such as anti-ageing therapy, in Wellness Center with the best HYDRO THERAPY facilities and infrastructure in Korea, Medical Spa Center of “WE Hospital”, Health Promotion Center, and Beauty Center. At Azalea Bar and Azalea Lounge, you can enjoy Jeju cocktails, and All day dining restaurant Dachae offers a natural wellness buffet breakfast, Asian and Western foods, as well as traditional Jeju dishes and fresh seafood dishes so you can enjoy a bountiful lunch and dinner in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere with your loved ones.

In addition, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage & World Cultural Heritage Mt. Halla’s great nature including dense forests and caves has been recognized as the best place for exploring and sightseeing. There is a course to enjoy climbing Korea’s highest and most beautiful Mt. Halla, 20-minute far from WE HOTEL. At a distance of 10 minutes, there is not only the beach where you can enjoy sunbathing and marine sports, but also a pleasant golf course, a museum where you can see many things, and Jeju Island’s unique tourist attractions, such as Jusangjeolli Cliff and Cheonjeyeon Falls.

We hope you will experience healthy healing and relaxation at the special premium health resort WE HOTEL, differentiated from the existing hotels and resorts, and feel the spirit of Mt. Halla and the special natural volcanic bedrock water in the clear air of Jeju Island.

Check-in 3 PM | Check-out 12:00 PM(Noon)


• 24-hour reception
• 6 floors & 103 rooms
• Business center
• Fitness room
• Breakfast buffet restaurant
• Free Wi-Fi
• Luggage storage
• Lift
• Air conditioning
• Dry cleaning
• Parking lot

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