WE Hotel Jeju has been re-designated as an 'Excellent Wellness Tourism Site' for the years 2024-2025.

WE Hotel Jeju has been re-designated as an ‘Excellent Wellness Tourism Site’ jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization for the years 2024-2025. This marks the ninth consecutive year since 2017 that it has been selected as a wellness tourism destination, continuing its reputation as a wellness hotel.

The selection of ‘Excellent Wellness Tourism Sites’ is made through a two-stage evaluation process every two years, evaluating the suitability of wellness content, efforts to attract tourists, and potential for future development. This year, the Korea Tourism Organization has selected sites that combine Korea’s beautiful landscapes and special experiences under six themes: ‘Nature and Forest Healing’, ‘Beauty and Spa’, ‘Healing and Meditation’, ‘Traditional Korean Medicine’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Food’, offering places where body and mind can be healed and enriched.

WE Hotel Jeju has been selected in the ‘Stay’ category this time. In addition to providing 5-star hotel services, we offer guests the opportunity to experience a true wellness stay by providing one of four wellness programs as a benefit.

WE Hotel Jeju is a premium health resort that offers personalized therapies by specialized medical staff and various wellness programs utilizing the clear water of Jeju and the pure energy of Hallasan Mountain. Even during your stay, you can experience differentiated services that contribute to the recovery and enhancement of health, along with natural healing.

WE Hotel Jeju participates in the ESG Resource Circulation Campaign and acquire an eco-friendly certificate

Acquired eco-friendly certificate – Certificate of circular resource production & Certificate of greenhouse gas reduction


WE Hotel Jeju actively participated in the ESG resource circulation campaign to recover waste electrical / electronic products for eco-friendly processing and collection, and were issued a <Certificate of circular resource production through electronic product resource circulation> and a <Certificate of greenhouse gas reduction>.


The ESG Resource Circulation Campaign is an activity that collects waste electrical / electronic products produced by participating institutions and organizations and processes them for eco-friendly, such as recycling, in order to establish a proper resource circulation system.


WE Hotel Jeju has signed a business agreement with the ‘Korea Scope Three Association’ and ‘e-Circulation Governance’ over the past year to manage waste electrical / electronic waste within the hotel through the resource circulation system.


We recovered 193 kg of products and recycled them in an eco-friendly facility, and actively participated in resource circulation activities to produce 180 kg of recycled resources. In addition, greenhouse gases were reduced (Avoided Emissions) by recovering and recycling waste electrical / electronic products, and the reduction amount was 409kgCO2-eq (calculation standard KSA-00001-A).


WE Hotel Jeju said, “We will continue to pursue environmental protection and social contribution activities as well as sustainable growth through ESG management practices.”