Meet the nation’s first premium health resort

A 5-star hotel WE HOTEL, seeking healthy healing and comfort, offers a different level of comfort and special healing, including HYDRO THERAPY and FOREST THERAPY. You can feel the spring breeze during the cherry blossom season in a 1km radius around the hotel entrance, and experience healing from the entrance to the hotel along a tree-lined green street.


By car & Taxi

  • Route A – Pyeongwha-ro & Sanroknam-ro Direction (Recommended route)
    Time required: About 45 minutes, total 39km
    Move about 22km to Jungmun and Daejeong > Turn right to Hoesu and Sangcheon (Castlex C.C> Turn left to No. 2 Sallok Road (PINX C.C) > Go straight about 12km to Sallongnam-ro > Turn right to Jungmun Tourist Complex (1100 Road) > Move 844m along 1100 Road and turn right
  • Route B – Pyeongwha-ro & Jungmun Direction (Recommended in case of rainy weather, heavy snow, and fog)
    Time required: About 47 minutes, total 43km
    Move 26km to Jungmun and Daejeong > Turn left at Dongwang IC to Jungmun, Sangchang and Jungmun Tourist Complex > Turn left at Sangchang Intersection to Seogwipo and Jungmun > Turn left at Hoesu Intersection to 1100 Altitude > Move 988m along 1100 Road and turn left
  • Route C – Mt. Halla 1100 Road Direction
    Time required: About 45 minutes, total 34km
    Turn right to Jungmun and Hallim> Turn left at the Nohyeong Ogeori to 1100 Altitude > Turn left at Eoseongseng Samgeori to Jungmun and Eorimok > Move 20km along 1100 Road and turn right to WE HOTEL

Jeju Airport Limousine Bus

Please use Airport Limousine Bus 600, 800, or 800-1, and make a reservation for the hotel shuttle. Please book 1 hour before departure at the airport and the hotel. *Bus 600 (get off at Yeomiji Botanical Garden), 800 and 800-1 (get off at+F10 Hoesu Village Hall)