Meet the nation’s first premium health resort

A 5-star hotel WE HOTEL, seeking healthy healing and comfort, offers a different level of comfort and special healing, including HYDRO THERAPY and FOREST THERAPY. You can feel the spring breeze during the cherry blossom season in a 1km radius around the hotel entrance, and experience healing from the entrance to the hotel along a tree-lined green street.


By car & Taxi

  • Route A – Pyeongwha-ro & Sanroknam-ro Direction (Recommended route)
    Time required: About 45 minutes, total 39km
    Move about 22km to Jungmun and Daejeong > Turn right to Hoesu and Sangcheon (Castlex C.C> Turn left to No. 2 Sallok Road (PINX C.C) > Go straight about 12km to Sallongnam-ro > Turn right to Jungmun Tourist Complex (1100 Road) > Move 844m along 1100 Road and turn right
  • Route B – Pyeongwha-ro & Jungmun Direction (Recommended in case of rainy weather, heavy snow, and fog)
    Time required: About 47 minutes, total 43km
    Move 26km to Jungmun and Daejeong > Turn left at Dongwang IC to Jungmun, Sangchang and Jungmun Tourist Complex > Turn left at Sangchang Intersection to Seogwipo and Jungmun > Turn left at Hoesu Intersection to 1100 Altitude > Move 988m along 1100 Road and turn left
  • Route C – Mt. Halla 1100 Road Direction
    Time required: About 45 minutes, total 34km
    Turn right to Jungmun and Hallim> Turn left at the Nohyeong Ogeori to 1100 Altitude > Turn left at Eoseongseng Samgeori to Jungmun and Eorimok > Move 20km along 1100 Road and turn right to WE HOTEL


Jeju Airport Limousine Bus

1. Please use Airport Limousine Bus 800 or 800-1 at the bus stop between Gate 4 and  5 of Jeju Airport.

2. After getting off at the Hoesu intersection (Hoesu Village Hall), you can use the hotel shuttle bus at the bus stop at the top of the convenience store across the street.


<Scheduled shuttle bus service timetable>


Hoesu-Crossroad Jungmun Post Office Hoesu-Crossroad



09:27 09:35 09:45



12:07 12:15 12:25



17:12 17:20 17:30



22:27 22:35 22:45



  • In addition to the regular shuttle bus times, you can use the shuttle bus by making a reservation in advance depending on the dispatch situation.
  • Shuttle Reservation & Inquiry +82-64-730-1245
  • Address: 453-95, 1100-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea
    WE HOTEL Tel: +82-64-730-1200 / FAX: +82-64-730-1209