Unlike general hotels, WE HOTEL uses ingredients only produced in Jeju and provides nutrition consultation and separate menus customized to each customer’s nutritional and health condition. Thus we can provide customized meals to our customers.


DACHAE offers various and nicely presented Jeju specials to those visiting the place to have special memories. Here, you can taste the fresh seafood of Jeju and other organic ingredients cooked in a nature-friendly manner. It also provides traditional Japanese and Chinese fusion dishes.

  • Location: 2F
  • Size: 387㎡
  • Capacity: 96 seats
  • Main menu: Breakfast buffet, various organic fusion dishes and a-la-carte dishes
  • Operation hours: 07:00 ~ 22:00 (Breakfast buffet: 07:00~10:00)
  • Reservation inquiry: +82-64-730-1271




Lobby lounge AZALEA LOUNGE where you can feel the great nature of blue Jeju and enjoy coffee, healthy Jeju tea, enzyme tea, and diet drinks and desserts.

  • Location: F2
  • Area: 493㎡
  • Capacity: 80 seats
  • Main menu: Coffee & Bakery, health drinks, etc.
  • Open hours:  10:00 ~ 23:00
  • Reservation inquiry: +82-64-730-1281





It is a cozy place where you can feel the charm of the garden through the window with the sweet live piano playing at night. You can enjoy a wide range of cocktails, wine, and whiskey including homemade as well as snacks.

  • Location: 2F
  • Size: 50㎡
  • Capacity: 30 seats
  • Main menu: Liquor, Cocktails, Snack
  • Open hours:  10:00 ~ 24:00
  • Reservation: +82-64-730-1281





You can taste cakes, breads, cookies and a variety of pastries and desserts.

  • Location: 2F
  • Main menu: Coffee & Bakery, cookie, bread, toast
  • Open hours:  12:00 ~ 22:00
  • Reservation: +82-64-730-1281

Korean Restaurant DELLA

The Korean restaurant ‘Della’ is an exotic space with a panoramic view of the ocean and Mt. Halla, where you can enjoy traditional Jeju and Korean cuisine.

  • Location: 6F
  • Size: 493㎡
  • Capacity: 48 seats
  • Main menu: Korean traditional food, VIP banquet, course and buffet
  • Open hours: 12:00 ~ 22:00 (Break Time: 15:00 ~ 18:00)
  • Reservation inquiry: +82-64-730-1261




TRE, Rooftop terrace, has fantastic views and sunsets, making your special time more brilliant.

  • Location: 6F
  • Main menu: Summer BBQ Promotion & Special Dinner Party
  • Open hours: Summer season promotion & By reservation
  • Reservation: +82-64-730-1271


Health drinks and snacks at the pool add your relaxation and pleasure.

  • Location: 1F
  • Main menu: Seasonal health drinks and snacks
  • Opening hours: 11:00 ~ 17:00 / Snack sales: 11:00 ~ 17:00
  • Reservation: +82-64-730-1271