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Health resort THE WE is located in clean forests with the clean vital force of Mt. Halla, the foot of Mt. Halla at 350m above sea level, a UNESCO-designated Jeju Island Biosphere Reserve, and in a warm sunny area.

THE WE’s forest is naturally valuable as a primaeval forest where various species are well preserved. Therefore, you can have a touching and wonderful time when you walk listening to the sound of the wind blowing off trees and mountain birdsong while encountering roe deer in the forest.

If you walk through the forest with deep breathing and relaxed footsteps on rustling Jeju Scoria, you can recover and relax your tired mind and body.

The four-themed course will be precious time to enjoy different values and pleasure of the forest.

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1. WE Hotel Jeju

Power of making human like human. We find answers from pure nature and beautiful people.

WE Hotel, the first health resort in Korea for learning and experiencing the true value of health.

Enjoy the best people, the best facility and space, and the best program for health and beauty in the green nature of Jeju Island.

2. Haeam Forest Entrance

Haeam Forest is made by sincere care from people loving the noble and pure nature and the forest starts from a tree that has been silently keeping and staying its place for a long time. Hear the friendly greeting from castanopsis sieboldii leaves. Softly embrace the tree full of sunlight pouring among the grains. Then, you will be filled with the nature.


3. Megawati Garden

Megawati Garden is dyed all over with Jeju Island’s flowers and it is the place where a big white and red camellia flower blooms after struggling. This flower resembling the face of a woman with beautiful lines reminds of Indonesia. This place got its name when Indonesian president ‘Megawati Sukarnoputri’ visited the place. You can hear children laughing on the lawn resembling the wide arms of mother.

4. Small Pond in Forest

Forest has been embracing the nature all the time and everything in the forest is natural. The forest protects and embraces the small animals like it always has been for a long time.

We pass by the forest for a short time. So, we need to care the animals like the forest.

Roe deer family passes this small path along the stone wall to drink water. Soft face of baby roe deer reflects on a small spring with clear water and basalt Seonnyeotang made by the nature.

5. Beauty of Jeju Island, Path of Wisdom

Stone wall is the most representative existence found in Jeju Island. Time builds up stone wall and the nature decorates beauty on the wall. Jeju Island’s stone wall is expressed as ‘Journey of Black Dragon’ as it resembles the long journey of a black dragon and such stone wall is only found in Jeju Island. Walk along the stone wall and feel the breath of the nature in Jeju Island.

6. Cypress Forest

A tree trembled with winds for a long time until it reached the sky after competing with other trees, reaching the gleam of light, and stretching with the light. The tree gets stronger after that and it learns to protect itself with its unique scent. Phytoncide of cypress tree. Scent of special forest. We get healthier and deeper in the nature that grows stronger and more beautiful after hardships.

7. Baekdam Lake

As you look inside the serene pond and dynamically pouring waterfall, you will find Jeju Island’s sky, Jeju Island’s forest, and yourself inside Jeju Island’s nature. Water is the source of all lives. Water reflects the start of a human and flowing water expresses our life. Close your eyes for a moment and concentrate on the sound of water. Have a time for break and halt for your busy day.


8. Chalet square

When you fall down, stop for a moment, look up to the sky, and lie down comfortably. What do you see? You will see the sky and feel pine trees, cherry trees, and cypress embracing your body. Then, you will feel blue sky coming up to you.

9. Dolharbang

As we pass cherry blossoms in spring, green leaves in early summer, red cherry tree leaves in fall, and camellia flowers blooming like the patience in winter, we can finally meet the benevolent face with big smiles. Grandpa made of stone, Dolhareubang. Say hello in a loud voice. As you pass by Dolhareubang, you will see his bright smiles.

10. Olle Trail on Dorae Forest’s East Entrance

Forest always stands there and we walk toward the forest. Then, we suddenly realize that we hear different sound of footsteps and sound of wind on different paths. As we approach the forest, we soon realize that the start and end of Dorae Forest’s east are filled with brightness of spring flowers and winter flowers.

11. Dorae Forest

Take a walk slowly. Go up hilly mountain trail. As you step into narrow paths made with old droopy leaves, you will find the forest. Take a deep breathe. The place made by the time presents comfortable rest and beauty of nature to all visitors. Winds, sunlight, and human beings. They are all nature in this place.

12. Entrance to the West Dorae Forest

Pass along a pine tree standing alone and densely piled up stone wall. Next to the pine tree and stone wall, you will see small and low flowers and an old millstone that has been once used in old days. Step into the time of forest by walking along the flowers and time of people in Dorae Forest’s western part.

13. Geumho Garden

Geumho Garden is the starting point of the forest embracing WE HOTEL and it presents the true value and beauty to the forest. The place resembles the beautifully shining pond that dances and flows like silks. The trees grow more plentifully and thickly while flowers bloom beautifully. Inside the trees and flowers, you will be more beautiful there.


WE, Healing with you Wellness Program

Premium health resort WE Hotel Jeju presents a very special journey for your comfort and complete wellness stay through the ‘WE, Healing with you’ program.

WE Hotel, embraced by the vast bosom of Halla Mt, which preserves the ancient times when Jeju began, meets you today and awakens tomorrow with the clearest and purest sympathy between forest and water, movement and sound.

In a forest that grows clean and upright, one learns calmness and cheerfulness,
Recognizing oneself through movement in a high and green place where the eyes can reach,
Focusing on me through the ever-flexible moving water,
It soothes me with brilliant and magnificent sound music.

All of this is within us and we are by your side.
WE, Healing with you.




First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

Premium health resort WE Hotel is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art equipment, indoor/outdoor pools, sauna and jacuzzi using volcanic bedrock water for the guests’ healing and rejuvenation, and our specialists operate programs professionally, provide customized coaching, and guide and improve various programs




First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

You can enjoy various HYDRO THERAPY programs tailored to your physical condition.
Experience a variety of water-based state-of-the-art equipment and Aqua Meditation Full Programs.

We invite you to Jeju, especially THE WE’s unique world of ‘water’ only in the country


First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

WE Hotel, which feels natural healing from the entrance, is located at the 350m above sea level in the mid-mountain of Mt. Halla which provides the best natural environment for human being. In the space where Jeju native forest is preserved, you can enjoy various therapy programs besides FOREST THERAPY only provided by WE HOTEL.

We invite you to special programs that you can only meet at THE WE.

Kid Program

A children’s program where enjoy and experience the nature of WE Hotel Jeju and present special memories to your precious child







First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

Medical Spa Center is the nation’s first medical spa that combines medical and spa. It provides Body Treatment and Facial Treatment for immune improvement, joint and pain care, and brain function strengthening by using the premier spa brand products which are being used at five-star hotels and luxury boutiques in about around the world.

In addition, there is HYDRO PROGRAM using the natural volcanic bedrock water of WE HOTEL JEJU, which contains various minerals such as bicarbonate, vanadium, selenium and magnesium. Spa professional therapists suggest the customized program considering customers’ taste and mind and body condition and provide the best service for your true relaxation.

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First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

WE Hotel’s water is natural bedrock bicarbonate water characterized by excellent taste and numerous health substances. From O-index, an indicator of water quality, we receive a high rating of 5.9. Jeju Special Self-Governing Province also received the cleanest water level from the Environment & Resources Research Institute.

WE Hotel’s water is stored in a very unusual structure of a tank in the volcanic ground layer. This form of storage can contain a variety of essential minerals from nature.

70 per cent of our body is composed of water.

Drink good water often. It is the best way for health.

Major components of natural bedrock bicarbonate water

Bicarbonate water
Health resort WE HOTEL’s water is PH7.8 ~ 8.0 alkaline bicarbonate water containing bicarbonate ion. Bicarbonate ions neutralize the active oxygen that is produced when fatigue builds up in our body. As the concentration of blood carbon dioxide increases, the blood flow is increased in order to supply oxygen, which is also effective for cold hands and feet and shoulder stiffness. Bicarbonate ions also help digestion and are also effective in removing body waste.

Vanadium is an essential mineral that exists in very small amounts in nature and in small amounts in some natural mineral water. It can lower blood sugar in a short time and is effective for diabetes and hyperlipidemia, promotes hematopoietic function, and strengthens myocardial contractility.

Various minerals
In addition, it contains a lot of minerals such as magnesium (prevention of heart disease, effective for fatigue recovery), manganese (concentration improvement), selenium (anti-ageing and anti-cancer efficacy) essential for our body.

The use of natural bedrock bicarbonate water

THE WE HOTEL provides natural volcanic bedrock water and miracle water to MEDITATION POOL that offers HYDROTHERAPY, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, functional baths, in-room showers, and all drinking water. Detox juice and tea service for HYDRO THERAPY programs also use this kind of water. Be healthy while drinking and enjoying at WE HOTEL!

Skin beauty – Skin and lipolysis, cell regeneration effect
Antioxidant. Anti-cancer effect – With Selenium
Diabetes. Heart disease – Promoting insulin secretion / Neutral fat elimination by vanadium and prom / Cholesterol decrease

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1:1 Counseling

First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

We conduct one-on-one counseling from a specialist to improve the customer’s health. We design the customized programs through consultation. The customized health programs create a synergy effect with natural energy (water and forest) to make you relax truly.

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