Forest Story

처음 만나는 특별한 휴식 Wellness Center

Health resort THE WE is located in clean forests with the clean vital force of Mt. Halla, the foot of Mt. Halla at 350m above sea level, a UNESCO-designated Jeju Island Biosphere Reserve, and in a warm sunny area.

THE WE’s forest is naturally valuable as a primaeval forest where various species are well preserved. Therefore, you can have a touching and wonderful time when you walk listening to the sound of the wind blowing off trees and mountain birdsong while encountering roe deer in the forest.

If you walk through the forest with deep breathing and relaxed footsteps on rustling Jeju Scoria, you can recover and relax your tired mind and body.

The four-themed course will be precious time to enjoy different values and pleasure of the forest.

Reservation: +82-64-730-1462
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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1. WE Hotel Jeju
Premium Health Resort WE Hotel.
We hope you enjoy your health and beauty in the 210,000 square forest of WE Hotel, which is located 350 meters above sea level where the natural environment of Halla Mountain is best preserved.

2. Entrance to Haeam Forest
It is the entrance to Haeam Forest and MEGAWATI GARDEN. Please sit on the bench under the big tree at the entrance and listen to the wind for a moment.

MEGAWATI GARDEN is named after Megawati, Indonesia’s fifth female president. This feminine yet elegant garden is surrounded by beautiful forests and It is a nice garden to play with your children and take pictures.

4. Small pond walkway in the forest
If you take a stroll along the stone wall in the trail of Haeam Forest, you can see a little spring called Seonyeotang across it. And there is a space between the stone walls. It is “Noru-gil” for roe deer family easily to move easily for drinking water. In the early morning, you can meet roe deer family playing near Haeam Forest

5. Jeju’s aesthetics, the way of wisdom
Walk along the stone wall road, which is the unique aesthetic of Jeju and is sometimes described as “Black Dragon Long Distance”. As if in the beautiful, peaceful countryside, you will soon be at peace.

6. Cypress Forest
Take a deep breath in Cypress Forest full of phytoncide. Where the phytoncides are the most abundant to help restore and promote health.

7. Baekdam Lake
In the dynamic Baekdam Lake, you can see the carp, water plants, waterfalls and streams of clear water. And you can feel the hope of life with the precious value of life.

If you are looking at the wide grassy plaza, beyond Halla Mountain and the sky, you can refresh your mind. It is also you can enjoy a picnic on the stone table around the entrance.

9. Dolharbang
Dolharbang, which means “grandfather made of stone,” welcomes and protects visit Jeju. It welcomes visitors to a majestic and mild impression. It is the guardian deity and a symbol of Jeju.

10. Entrance to the East Dorae Forest
It is the Eastern entrance to Dorae Forest.

11. Dorae Forest
Please take a moment to listen to the sound of forests at this place where the natural forests are preserved and there is a colony of Cedar Trees. You can feel the beauty of eternal nature.

12. Entrance to the West Dorae Forest
The trail from GEUMHO GARDEN to the eastern entrance of Dorae Forest is filled with charming flowers and plants.

It is a quiet plaza for small outdoor banquets and weddings. It is a place where WE HOTEL’s landscaping was first started and where you can get a strong vitality. A large silk tree, symbolizing the conjugal ties and happiness, surrounds the garden.


  1. WE호텔
  2. 해암숲 입구
    해암숲과 메가와티 가든을 가는 입구입니다. 입구에 있는 큰 나무 밑 벤치에 앉아 잠시 바람 소리를 들어보세요.
  3. 메가와티 가든
    메가와티 가든에서는 하늘을 바라보며 요가를 즐겨보세요.
    아이들과 뛰어놀며 사진 찍기 좋은 가든입니다.
  4. 노루길, 선녀탕
    해암 숲길에 나있는 돌담을 따라 산책을 하다 보면 그 너머로 선녀탕이라고 불리는 작은 옹달샘이 보입니다. 그리고 돌담 사이에 틈을 하나 만들어 두었습니다. 바로 노루 가족들이 물을 마시러 이동하기 편하게 만들어놓은 “노루길”입니다. 이른 아침이면 해암숲을 노니는 노루 가족들과 만나실 수도 있습니다.
  5. 해암숲, 돌담길
    돌담길을 따라 걸어보세요. 아름답고 평화로운 시골 안길 언저리를 걷는 듯 어느새 마음도 평화로워지실 겁니다.
  6. 편백나무숲
    피톤치드가 많이 나오는 편백나무 숲에서 심호흡을 해보세요.
  7. 백담호
    맑은 물소리와 정적인 호수의 물을 바라보면 마음의 안정과 자연치유를 느낄 수 있습니다.
  8. 샬레광장
    넓은 잔디광장과 그 너머의 한라산, 하늘을 함께 보고 있노라면 마음이 뚫리는 시원한 기분을 느끼실 수 있습니다. 가족끼리 글램핑을 하기에도 좋은 장소입니다. 입구 언저리의 돌 테이블에서 피크닉을 즐겨도 좋습니다.
  9. 도래숲 동쪽 입구
    금호가든에서 시작해서 도래숲 동쪽 입구까지 가는 산책로는 아기자기한 꽃과 식물들이 옹기종기 피어있습니다.
  10. 도래숲
    자연 그대로의 숲을 보존하고 있으며 삼나무가 멋진 군락을 이루고 있는 이곳에서 숲의 소리에 잠시만 귀를 기울여주세요.
  11. 도래숲 서쪽 입구
    도래숲으로 들어가는 입구입니다.
  12. 금호가든
    소규모 야외 연회나 웨딩이 열리는 고즈넉한 광장입니다. WE호텔의 조경이 처음 시작된 곳이고 강한 생명력의 기운을 받을 수 있는 곳입니다. 부부의 연과 행복을 상징하는 큰 자귀나무가 광장을 감싸고 있습니다.


First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

WE Hotel’s water is natural bedrock bicarbonate water characterized by excellent taste and numerous health substances. From O-index, an indicator of water quality, we receive a high rating of 5.9. Jeju Special Self-Governing Province also received the cleanest water level from the Environment & Resources Research Institute.

WE Hotel’s water is stored in a very unusual structure of a tank in the volcanic ground layer. This form of storage can contain a variety of essential minerals from nature.

70 per cent of our body is composed of water.

Drink good water often. It is the best way for health.

Major components of natural bedrock bicarbonate water

Bicarbonate water
Health resort WE HOTEL’s water is PH7.8 ~ 8.0 alkaline bicarbonate water containing bicarbonate ion. Bicarbonate ions neutralize the active oxygen that is produced when fatigue builds up in our body. As the concentration of blood carbon dioxide increases, the blood flow is increased in order to supply oxygen, which is also effective for cold hands and feet and shoulder stiffness. Bicarbonate ions also help digestion and are also effective in removing body waste.

Vanadium is an essential mineral that exists in very small amounts in nature and in small amounts in some natural mineral water. It can lower blood sugar in a short time and is effective for diabetes and hyperlipidemia, promotes hematopoietic function, and strengthens myocardial contractility.

Various minerals
In addition, it contains a lot of minerals such as magnesium (prevention of heart disease, effective for fatigue recovery), manganese (concentration improvement), selenium (anti-ageing and anti-cancer efficacy) essential for our body.

The use of natural bedrock bicarbonate water

THE WE HOTEL provides natural volcanic bedrock water and miracle water to MEDITATION POOL that offers HYDROTHERAPY, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, functional baths, in-room showers, and all drinking water. Detox juice and tea service for HYDRO THERAPY programs also use this kind of water. Be healthy while drinking and enjoying at WE HOTEL!

Skin beauty – Skin and lipolysis, cell regeneration effect
Antioxidant. Anti-cancer effect – With Selenium
Diabetes. Heart disease – Promoting insulin secretion / Neutral fat elimination by vanadium and prom / Cholesterol decrease

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1:1 Counseling

First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

We conduct one-on-one counseling from a specialist to improve the customer’s health. We design the customized programs through consultation. The customized health programs create a synergy effect with natural energy (water and forest) to make you relax truly.

Reservation: +82-64-730-1462


First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

You can enjoy various HYDRO THERAPY programs tailored to your physical condition.
Experience a variety of water-based state-of-the-art equipment and Aqua Meditation Full Programs.

We invite you to Jeju, especially THE WE’s unique world of ‘water’ only in the country


First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

WE Hotel, which feels natural healing from the entrance, is located at the 350m above sea level in the mid-mountain of Mt. Halla which provides the best natural environment for human being. In the space where Jeju native forest is preserved, you can enjoy various therapy programs besides FOREST THERAPY only provided by WE HOTEL.

We invite you to special programs that you can only meet at THE WE.


First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

Juniper Spa Center is the nation’s first medical spa that combines medical and spa. It provides Body Treatment and Facial Treatment for immune improvement, joint and pain care, and brain function strengthening by using the premier spa brand products which are being used at five-star hotels and luxury boutiques in about around the world.

In addition, there is HYDRO PROGRAM using the natural volcanic bedrock water of WE HOTEL JEJU, which contains various minerals such as bicarbonate, vanadium, selenium and magnesium. Spa professional therapists suggest the customized program considering customers’ taste and mind and body condition and provide the best service for your true relaxation.

Reservation: +82-64-730-1465


First-time special relaxation Wellness Center

Premium health resort WE Hotel is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art equipment, indoor/outdoor pools, sauna and jacuzzi using volcanic bedrock water for the guests’ healing and rejuvenation, and our specialists operate programs professionally, provide customized coaching, and guide and improve various programs